VIBRACORP is the contrivance of Elise Sterback, self-proclaimed Thought Leader of the fun-co. With aspirations of global dominance and the devil-may-care leadership style of Silvio Berlusconi, Elise is confident Vibracorp will arise as the Coca-Cola of events by the year 2020.

While largely a one-woman band, the team swells up like an expectant mother during each project - a collaborative pregnancy that experiences a collective birth, if you will. An ever-growing and thriving web of talented and innovative minds circles around Vibracorp's stratosphere, feeding into each experience, and taking away from it new connections, understandings and tools for growth. (Probably could throw a few more metaphors in here, but I'll refrain..Have a look through Vibracorp's Friends to tap into this stratosphere).

And finally, the goal of every Vibracorp experience is to ensure that it both relaxes and stimulates.


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